Notice: Friday April 19, 2024 - Temporary Power Shutdown - Car Park 36 (Nathan Phillips Square)
Toronto Parking Authority advised maintenance work within underground garage on Sunday May 5, 2024 10:00.p.m. to Monday May 6, 2024 at 6:00.a.m.

The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) operates 204 municipal parking lots containing approximately 38,000 spaces. Twenty three of these lots accounting for approximately 10,500 spaces are garages. The remaining 27,500 spaces are contained in approximately 181 parking surface lots. TPA is responsible for the planning, real estate acquisition, design, construction, maintenance, operation and management of municipal parking facilities, including on-street meters, within the City of Toronto.

Parking lot locations are listed on the website
Green P Mobile Parking App website

The Board of Directors of the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) sets the rates at the off-street parking spaces. Half-hourly rates are almost always lower than nearby competitors as it is the Parking Authority's operating mandate to encourage short-stay parking with high vehicle turnover to support area business establishments.

With regard to on-street parking, City Council approves the maximum rate which is currently $4.00. Rates, ranging from $1.00 per hour, are established by various zones throughout the City, taking account of demand and usage.

Information about rates at any of the Authority's off-street facilities and on-street locations is available on the website

Bus & RV Parking
Toronto Parking Authority does not provide bus or RV parking in its facilities.

Parking for War Veterans
City Council adopted the following policy in 2006 with regard to parking for veterans: Council agreed to honour war veterans in Ontario by granting them free municipal parking (on-street parking meters and machines, and municipal parking facilities) on three significant days each year. Vehicles displaying an Ontario veteran's licence plate will be able to park free of charge each September 17 (Battle of Britain), November 11 (Remembrance Day) and June 6 (D-Day). In addition, arrangements for free parking will be considered for other events honouring veterans when the dates vary from year to year. The Royal Canadian Legion expressed its support for the proposal when consulted. About 22,000 Ontario vehicles have veterans licence plates.

Fast Track Card
The Fast Track Card is designed specifically for the needs of the businesses with multiple users and fleets. It can be used at all Green P lots and on street locations that accept credit cards, approximately 40,000 spaces around the City of Toronto. By establishing a Corporate Account, a business can give its employees their own personalized Fast Track card, and it will gain the flexibility through powerful management reporting capabilities that Fast Track provides.

To establish a Fast Track account, please contact the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA)'s Fast Track service representative.