About Login

Q1. What is my login used for?

A1. Your City of Toronto Login is a simple, convenient way to securely access multiple City of Toronto online services with only one username and password. However, you will need to login in separately for each City service you are accessing.

Q2. Why do I need to login in to some services and not others?

A2. Certain City services require the collection of information that may be considered personal or private. For these services a login is required to provide enhanced security to protect your information. The City takes security very seriously, it is in place for the protection of information exchanged.

Q3. Can I use one login to access all City of Toronto services?

A3. We are currently in the process of transition and therefore, some services may still require a separate, unique username/password.

Q4. Does my login account expire?

A4. Yes, your account can expire. Your account will be suspended after two years of inactivity. After 3 years of inactivity, your account will be terminated.

Q5. What do I do if my account has been suspended or terminated?

A5. If your account has been suspended, you are able to reactivate your account. If your account has expired and been terminated, then you will need to Create a New Account.


Q6. I’m having trouble with registration. What are the most common suggestions?

A6. The most common are:

  • Check to make sure everything is filled and checked correctly:
    • Password typed correctly in both fields
    • Terms and conditions checkbox is checked
    • E-mail is correctly filled in
    • Google Recaptcha is answered successfully.
  • The password you have proposed maybe complex but flagged as “too common”, or known by hacking systems. See <PASSWORDS & USERNAMES> section for more information on password rules.

Q7. Why is Google Recaptcha required on some screens and how can I get past it?

A7. Google Recaptcha is used to protect screens where you can make account changes to your Login account from hacker attacks. Here are some common suggestions should you have difficulty responding:

  1. Sometimes the answer is not in the picture at all (e.g. there are no signs in the picture) and the answer is to press “Skip” button
  2. Try pressing the Recaptcha refresh button (not the browser refresh button)
  3. You can also have the recaptcha response read to you by clicking on the headphones icon.

Official support/help on Recaptcha can be found on Google.com.

Password & Usernames

Q8. Are there any rules when creating my Username and/or Password?

A8. Your Username must be a minimum of 3 characters. It is also recommend that you make your Username easy to remember, such as your e-mail address, and that you do not share it with anyone.

Your Password needs to be a strong password. This means it must:

  •  be case sensitive
  •  be a minimum of 8 characters and no more than 12 characters long
  •  have at least 1 uppercase letter
  •  include one numeric or special character
  •  not include part of your name or username
  •  not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters
  •  be different from previously used passwords

Note: After 7 incorrect attempts at logging in, you will be locked out from trying again for another hour, after which you will be allowed single attempts at logging in. You can always trigger a password reset by clicking on the Forgot your password? link.

Q9. What can I do if I forget my Password and/or Username?

A9. If you have forgotten your Password use the Forgot your password? link on the main login page to have an email sent to you on how to reset your password.

Unfortunately, at this time forgotten Usernames cannot be recovered. If you’ve forgotten your Username you will need to Create a New User Account.

Q10. Why do I need to provide Recovery Questions and Answers during the new account creation process?

A10. These recovery questions and answers are used to help recover your Password if you’ve forgotten it.

Security & Privacy

Q11. How is my personal information protected?

A11. Your personal information is protected under the federal Privacy Act. To further protect your information, encryption is used to transfer your data securely over the Internet. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more information.

Technical Issues

Q12. I see a page called “Under Maintenance Page”. What is this?

A12. The Login service is currently unavailable and down for service. It is currently being worked on and will be back up as soon as possible. Please try again at a later time or go back to the service page and see what other options you may have to get the service you need.

Q13. I’m experiencing technical issue with Login Service?

A13. If your issue cannot be found on the FAQ page please wait 30 min and try logging in again. Should the issue persist and you cannot wait, please go back to the service page and see what other options you may have to get the service you need.