Career Opportunities

Recruitment for 2023 is open until November 28th, 2022

Career Opportunities

Toronto Paramedic Services is now accepting applications for full-time Primary Care Paramedics (Paramedic Level 1).

Apply Here

Information about applying at the City of Toronto

Please do not email or mail resumes or applications directly to Toronto Paramedic Services.

Applicants are responsible for the safe and timely arrival of their documentation, and may be removed from the process at any stage for noted deficiencies in requested documentation. The City is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to creating a workplace culture of inclusiveness that reflects the diverse residents that we serve.

You must submit an application with the City of Toronto to be eligible for employment and to receive an invitation link for recruitment evaluation(s).

Please download the Toronto Paramedic Services – Recruitment Guide 2023 for a step-by-step outline of the recruitment process.

  • Drives and/or provides medical care in an ambulance or other divisional vehicles for the transportation and care of sick, injured and convalescent patients, including those with infectious diseases, to and from hospitals or other destinations as directed.
  • Provides casualty care according to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) BLS Patient Care Standards for all patients encountered, under the direction of or by standing orders from a Base Hospital physician or direction from a Level 2 or Level 3 (ACP) Paramedic.
  • Performs patient care functions according to the Basic and Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards, Divisional Standard Operating Procedures and Base Hospital Medical Directives. Basic and Advanced Life Support procedures may be changed as medical standards evolve.
  • Responds to the patient with the appropriate equipment based on good judgment, available information and Divisional policies and procedures.
  • Monitors, observes and records changes in patient’s condition and carries out treatment as directed.
  • Transfers patient from vehicle to treatment centre, and assists in transfer of patient from stretcher to examining table, cot, stretcher, bed, etc., at a treatment centre, etc. and transfers back to vehicle, etc., where necessary.
  • Reports by radio or telephone to dispatch centre concerning patient status and preparation for return to station, etc.
  • Ensures that proper inventory checks of supplies and equipment are performed according to Standard Operating Policies and Procedures, and makes adjustments as required, reporting any errors or omissions.
  • Ensures ambulance exterior, interior, medical equipment and supplies are clean and serviceable.
  • Promptly provides incident reports, accident and other related reports and forms, to the superintendent for review.
  • Prepares stretchers and equipment for service and reports to dispatch when available for next assignment.
  • Completes all documentation as required as per MOHLTC ALS/BLS Patient Care Standards, Ontario Ambulance Documentation Standards, and/or Toronto Paramedic Services’ Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.
  • Completes any and all documentation as requested by Toronto Paramedic Services management
  • Inspects ambulance and completes required related documentation.
  • Carries out housekeeping duties at a station and those duties that may be assigned in the course of providing ambulance services. Ensures access areas to station are clean.
  • Participates in research studies as required.
  • Performs other related work as assigned.
  1. Successfully completed a MOHLTC-recognized course for Primary Care Paramedic provided by a College of Applied Arts and Technology or equivalent.
  2. Successfully completed the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) examination or be AEMCA pending as specified in the Ontario Ambulance Act.
  3. Must be able to achieve and maintain current certification in Symptom Relief and Defibrillation under the Ontario Base Hospital Group and meet cross-certification requirements with Sunnybrook Base Hospital.
  4. Must produce proof of mandatory immunization and maintain all immunizations as required and specified by the Ontario Ambulance Act and the City of Toronto.
  5. Must possess a Class F Ontario Driver’s License, or better, and meet all requirements for licence maintenance as set forth in the City of Toronto’s Fleet policy and be able to qualify for the City’s equipment operating permits.
  6. Must not be convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude for which a pardon has not been granted.
  7. Must meet all requirements for employment as a Paramedic in Ontario as per the Ambulance Act.

December 10th and/or 11th, 2022 – Location TBD

Duration: 2 hours

100 multiple choice question exam.

The exam is based on:

  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Basic Life Support Patient Care Standards (BLS PCS);
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards (ALS PCS);
  • Various legal acts governing pre-hospital care in Ontario (such as Ambulance Act, Ontario Ambulance Documentation Standards, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Highway Traffic Act, etc);
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, ECG interpretation;
  • General knowledge about the City of Toronto and Toronto Paramedic Services.

Required documents to be submitted: Refer to Recruitment Guide

Beginning January 9th, 2023 – Virtual 

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Multiple Mini Interview format.

Required documents to be submitted: Refer to Recruitment Guide

Business casual attire recommended.

Beginning January 25th, 2023 at 350 Wilson Heights Blvd. Toronto.   

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Successful OPPAT testing is required prior to your Stage 3 evaluation

Required documents to be submitted: Refer to Recruitment Guide 

This is outdoors. Dress for the conditions. Uniform and safety shoes/boots required.

Candidates who are offered conditional employment following STAGE 3 will be required to successfully complete an orientation and evaluation (or equivalency) with the Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine. Additional administrative dates will occur during this time. 

Conditional employment offers are expected to occur starting February 2023 through March 2023.  We anticipate multiple onboarding for 2023 that are tentatively scheduled to commence on March 20th, May 1st, June 12th and September 6th.  The onboarding process consists of online courses, in-class training and a 6-week field mentorship portion.

Sunnybrook Regional Base Hospital evaluation typically 1-2 weeks prior to commencement of onboarding. 

All dates are tentative.