Faxing is a convenient way to send and receive documents. A general guideline is to only fax or email personal information if you are comfortable in doing so. If you are not comfortable in faxing personal information, please seek other methods of sending or dropping off your documents.

Here are some useful tips that will assist you in faxing documents.

  • Maintain privacy, especially if you are faxing sensitive information. If you are using a third party fax machine be aware of your surroundings and of others around you while faxing personal documents. Do not leave documents unattended.
  • Include a cover sheet, clearly identify the sender (you) with your contact information and the intended recipient (City) contact information.
    • Note on the cover sheet the total number of pages being sent.
    • Include a confidentiality clause instructing anyone who receives the fax in error to immediately notify the sender and then return or securely destroy the faxed documentation.
  • Some fax machines print the first page as a confirmation – having a cover sheet protects any personal information that may be on the first page of your actual document from being viewed in the confirmation print out.
  • Confirm you have the correct fax number of your intended recipient.


  • Carefully check the fax number you dialed before sending the fax, dialing a wrong fax number can accidentally send sensitive personal information to the wrong destination.
  • If your fax machine has pre-programmed fax numbers, check them for accuracy.
  • Once a fax transmission is complete, verify all pages were transmitted and sent to the right place, see the fax confirmation report for this information.
  • Keep your fax confirmation receipt/report/sheet for your files.
  • Third party fax machines may save/store your personal information with your fax transmission. Check with the company who provides the fax service as to whether their fax machine retains your information.
  • Fax transmissions, like telephone calls, can be tapped and monitored.
  • If you fax sensitive personal information, consider using secure fax machines that employ encryption or other security measures.
  • Do not make or keep extra copies of faxed document, securely destroy extra copies.


The City is committed to protecting your personal information.