The City is developing a Circular Economy Road Map to help build a resilient, green and prosperous future for Toronto residents and businesses and would like to hear from you. Complete the public survey by August 7, 2024.
The City is working towards an aspirational goal of zero waste and a circular economy. The circular economy aims to reduce waste and maximize resources by moving away from the linear take-make-and-dispose approach to a more circular system that focuses on product longevity, renewability, reuse and repair as well as resource recovery. Transitioning to a circular economy will play a key role in building a resilient, inclusive, green, and prosperous future for Toronto residents and businesses.
Instead of taking from the planet, a circular economy approach challenges us to be a part of it by:
  • taking less
  • using better
  • making sure our economies and our choices support the natural environment we rely on.

Everyone has a role to play in the circular economy!

How the City is Moving Toward a Circular Economy

Learn about the programs and initiatives the City has implemented to move toward a circular economy.

Strategy For a Circular Toronto

Find out what steps the City is taking to develop a strategy for a Circular Toronto.

Actions You Can Take

Everyone has a role to play in moving towards a circular economy. Find out what you can do.

Circular Action at the Local Level

Get examples of circular economy action taking place across Toronto.

Circular Food Innovators Fund

New grant program to help businesses implement reuse systems to replace single-use and takeaway items.

Circular Economy Principles


Circle with Toronto in the middle and icons and words around it. The lightbulb icon is paired with the heading rethink and the words encourage circular choices. The pencil icon is paired with the heading redesign and the words create things that last using fewer materials and less energy, the apple core and bottle icon is paired with the heading reduce and the words do better with less, the wrench icon is paired with the heading reuse and the words use longer, the Truck icon is paired with the heading recover and the words keep materials out of landfill, and the leaves ona branch icon is paired with the heading regenerate and the words support nature. with the heading rethink - encourage circualr choices , pencil icon with the words

Circular Economy E-Updates

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