If you have any questions about the accessibility features of this location, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator: courtaccessibilityeast@toronto.ca

Accessible Parking

Availability: Yes
Number of car spots: 3
Number of van spots: 0
Pick up and Drop Off: Yes

Walkways and Ramps

Walkways, ramps from parking: Yes
Walkways, ramps from street: Yes
Walkways handrails on both sides: No

Entrances and Exits

Main entrance barrier-free: Yes
Barrier-free entrances signed: Yes


Barrier-free path of travel through the lobby: Yes


Buttons in Braille: Yes


Handrails on both sides of stairs/ramps: Yes

Floors and Hallways

All floors accessible by ramp or elevator: Yes
All hallways barrier-free: Yes


Interior public doorways have a clear width: Yes
Public doors fitted with accessible hardware: Yes

Barrier-Free Washrooms

Barrier-free washrooms: Yes

Public Pay Telephone

Public Payphones: 1
Phones include volume controls and symbols: Yes

Information Desk

Information Desk: Yes (Security desk)
Information desk staffed: Yes


Wheelchair/scooter accessible counter: Yes
Location: Waiting area – Counters 1 and 10
Located along accessible path of travel: Yes

Courtrooms/Judicial Hearing Rooms

Do they have accessible entrances: Yes
How many: 1
Maneuvering room for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers: Yes

Assistive Listening System

Is an ALS available in the courthouse: Yes

Public Safety

Do building alert and alarm signals include audible and visual signals: Yes