The elevators at the York Civic Centre are currently unavailable as they undergo accessibility upgrades. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions about the accessibility features of this location, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator:

Accessible Parking

Availability: Yes
Number of car spots: 2
Number of van spots: 0
Pick up and Drop Off: No

Walkways and Ramps

Walkways, ramps from parking: Yes
Walkways, ramps from street: Yes
Walkways handrails on both sides: No

Entrances and Exits

Main entrance barrier-free: Yes
Barrier-free entrances signed: Yes


Barrier-free path of travel through the lobby: Yes


Buttons in Braille: Yes


Handrails on both sides of stairs/ramps: Yes

Floors and Hallways

All floors accessible by ramp or elevator: Yes
All hallways barrier-free: Yes


Interior public doorways have a clear width: Yes
Public doors fitted with accessible hardware: Yes

Barrier-Free Washrooms

Barrier-free washrooms: Yes

Public Pay Telephone

Public Payphones: 3
Phones include volume controls and symbols: Yes

Information Desk

Information Desk: Yes (Security desk)
Information desk staffed: Yes


Wheelchair/scooter accessible counter: Yes
Location: Waiting Area – Counters 1
Located along accessible path of travel: Yes

Courtrooms/Judicial Hearing Rooms

Do they have accessible entrances: Yes
How many: 1
Maneuvering room for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers: Yes

Assistive Listening System

Is an ALS available in the courthouse: Yes

Public Safety

Do building alert and alarm signals include audible and visual signals: No