The Administrative Penalty Tribunal conducts hearings via remote access and in person.  If you require an in person hearing or accommodation, contact the Administrative Penalty Tribunal office.

If you’ve disputed a parking violation with a Screening Officer and were unsatisfied with the decision, you may, within 15 days, request a review of that decision before an Administrative Penalty Tribunal Hearing Officer. Hearing Officers have the authority to affirm, vary or cancel the decision of a Screening Officer and extend time. The hearing officer’s decision is final and there is no further appeal.

The Tribunal is an independent adjudicative body consisting of 25 public panel members referred to as Hearing Officers. Hearing Officers are appointed by City Council and provide a second, independent, and final decision in a parking violation dispute. The tribunal is governed by the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, its own Rules of Practice and in accordance with Chapter 610 of the Toronto Municipal Code.

You may submit a request for a hearing online or request an in-person review through the online tool.

You can also request a hearing at a Screening Office location.

Hearing Agendas

Information regarding the date and times of Hearing Reviews.

Online Forms

Find all the forms necessary to access the services of the Administrative Penalty Tribunal.

Governing Legislation

The Administrative Penalty Tribunal obtains its jurisdiction from many provincial statutes and municipal bylaws.

Business Meetings: Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes for all Business Meetings.

Written Decisons

The Administrative Penalty Tribunal provides written decisions when a request is made from a requesting party. Written Decisions are posted on the Administrative Penalty Tribunal website.

Hearing Officers

The Administrative Penalty Tribunal consists of 25 public members who serve as Hearing Officers, one of whom serves as the Chair. City Council appoints the Tribunal's Chair.