Parking ticket dispute information on this page applies to parking tickets issued before August 28, 2017. For violations issued on or after August 28, see new parking violation dispute process.


The back of your Parking Infraction Notice or Notice of Impending Conviction advises you of a third option for dealing with your tag – the dispute process.

Parking Ticket Cancellations

Motorists who have been issued tickets for parking meter/pay-and display offences or permit-related or time-limited offences and who meet the cancellation criteria set out in the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines may submit their ticket by fax or email, together with any supporting documentation (e.g., a valid pay-and-display receipt), to request that their ticket be cancelled.

This includes pay-and-display receipts that have not been displayed properly, pay-and-display receipts that were printed incorrectly, or tickets issued for permit-related offences including accessible/disabled permit offences, on-street residential parking permits, or construction or event permits.