The parking ticket dispute information on this page applies to parking violations issued before August 28, 2017. For violations issued on or after August 28, see the new parking violation dispute process.


Please review the cancellation guidelines before visiting a First Appearance Facility to dispute your parking ticket.

The City of Toronto uses established guidelines to assist the Cashier at the Screening Office locations in determining whether a parking ticket may be cancelled. In addition, City staff will take the necessary steps to determine whether a ticket warrants cancellation which may include:

  • examining the license plate history to identify past infractions, whether there are prior cancellations and the reasons for cancellations
  • requesting an investigation by Transportation Services, the Toronto Parking Authority or the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit to verify whether signage may have been missing or covered, whether meters or pay and display machines were operational at the time of the infraction and/or that work was being carried out on the roadway, preventing legal parking
  • reviewing various bylaw exemptions and permit parking zones to confirm that the permit was used in the correct zone
  • confirming temporary police considerations which would permit parking due to police investigations, construction zones (ie: heavy crane lifts) or other street closures directed by police
  • accessing the Ministry of Transportation license plate/vehicle registration data to verify whether disabled parking permits are valid

Disputing your parking ticket Motorists who have been issued tickets for parking meter/pay-and display or permit-related offences or time-limited offences and who meet the cancellation criteria set out in the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines may submit their ticket by fax or email, together with any supporting documentation (e.g., a valid pay-and-display receipt), to request that their ticket be cancelled.

Tickets will not be cancelled for:

  • issued for any No Stopping, No Standing, Fire Route, Fire Hydrant, Disabled Offences (including loading or unloading), Rush Hour Offences 
  • any fine where the value is greater than $150

Time Allowance/Grace Period

There is a 10-minute Time Allowance/Grace Period for certain parking offences, including:

  • overstaying at Pay and Display and metered parking spaces by 10-minutes
  • overstaying beyond the required vacate time on streets with Alternate Side Parking. The current grace period allows customers to stay until noon.

Customers with tickets in either categories can have their tickets cancelled.

Time Allowance for On-Street Pay-and-Display Parking Offences

Customers who park on-street, in a permitted area where a pay-and-display reciept is required, and who receive a parking ticket within ten minutes of the expiry time of their paid-and-display receipt may have the ticket cancelled. A copy of the receipt showing purchased time and expiry time must be provided. The minimum time purchased must be no less than ten minutes and the receipt location must match the offence location in order to meet the cancellation conditions. The ten minute time allowance does not apply where parking is prohibited or on major arterial routes during rush hour periods.

Please submit all documentation by email at: and staff will respond within two business days.

Time Allowance for Residential Permit Parking with Alternate Side Parking

On some residential streets, drivers must display a valid on-street parking permit, purchased for a specific location. On certain streets, permit parking alternates from one side of the street to the other side at regular intervals, typically on the first and 16 of each month from April until December. Alternate side parking usually operates in conjunction with permit parking regulations, where parking is allowed by permit only on one side of the street, and parking is prohibited at all times on the other side. The effective changeover time is 12 midnight in all areas. Along with the requirement to display the permit clearly, customers may use on-street parking only during the posted and permitted times/hours identified by signs on individual streets. The permitted times vary from street to street depending on a number of variables, but generally speaking on changeover days, customers must move their vehicles before 7 a.m., 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. each day and park on the alternate side of the street when required to do so by posted times/days/signs.

Customers with valid permits who leave vehicles parked beyond the posted times on changeover days may have their tickets cancelled, provided that:

  1. a valid on-street parking permit is displayed; and
  2. the vehicle poses no other safety or traffic concern (ie: does not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic); and
  3. does not remain parked beyond 12 noon on the changeover day.

Customers wishing to have their ticket reviewed for cancellation under this provision may do so by submitting their documents by email to: and staff will respond within two business days.