The PATH network is an integral part of the City’ downtown core. The Northwest (NW) PATH extension will add barrier-free connections to the revitalized Union Station, relieving pedestrian congestion and supporting future growth.

Artist rendering of the street-level entrances to the Northwest PATH
Artist rendering of the street-level entrances to the Northwest PATH

A Municipal Class Schedule C Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project was completed in 2008 approving the construction of a new PATH connection from the west side of Union Station, under Front Street, and travelling north along York Street to Wellington Street. The first phase of the NW PATH project (Contract 1) crossing Front Street officially opened to the public in 2015.

Due to construction complexity and escalating costs to complete the project, City Council terminated the project in 2015 and requested staff to consider alternative alignments to determine if a more cost effective solution is possible. Key aspects of the alignment review include updating pedestrian modeling to reflect the anticipated growth in population and employment in Toronto’s downtown to 2031 and the increase in transit services at Union Station through GO-RER.

Re-considering alignments requires the completion of an Addendum to the 2008 EA for the project. The NW PATH Municipal Class EA Addendum currently underway will consider four alignments starting at Front Street and York Street using the existing Contract 1 segment:

Map showing the four possible options for aligning the rest of the Northwest PATH from Union Station
Various options proposed for the alignment of the Northwest PATH