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Food business start-up

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The Foodstarter program exists to assist start-up entrepreneurs successfully enter the specialty food marketplace, accelerate business growth by providing an intensive learning experience and graduate businesses to stand on their own.

The proposed Foodstarter will offer a well-equipped facility, and present management, marketing advice and a resource centre to new food entrants.

The Foodstater program will facilitate access to alternative kitchen space, business seminars and other food-related services through its network of contacts with other organizations. At the proposed Foodstarter, entrepreneurs will increase their chances of success as they have the opportunity to test ideas and begin food production for the marketplace, while sharing their experience with others and being coached by qualified staff who will review and monitor their financial performance.

  • a 24-hour fully equipped, commercially certified kitchen
  • priority scheduling for use of kitchen facilities
  • business plan analysis and feedback
  • access to consultant(s) on a limited basis
  • an option to purchase shared liability insurance
  • assistance in migration to independent facilities (ie. co-packer or stand-alone kitchen)

Equipment available at the TFBI includes:

  • walk-in cooler
  • walk-in freezer
  • Ice-Omatic machine
  • deli-style meat cutters
  • Garland 8-burner stove and ovens
  • Garland grill and flat grill
  • industrial capacity dishwasher
  • Cleveland gas kettle
  • Varimixer 20 qt. mixer
  • MCO convection oven
  • various packaging machinery


Contact a Food & Beverage Cluster Specialist for more information.