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Clean Toronto Together - Corporate and School Clean-up day - Community Clean-up Day

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Clean Toronto Together is the City's annual spring clean-up campaign.

We encourage Toronto residents, community groups and businesses to register a litter clean-up event on these dates:

  • Friday April 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm - Corporate & School 20-Minute Makeover
  • Saturday April 22, 2017 and Sunday April 23, 2017 - Community Clean-up days

The Community Clean-up Days are an opportunity for individuals, groups, associations and organizations to clean up a park, laneway or other public space in their neighbourhood.

The Corporate & School 20-Minute Makeover is for businesses and schools to help improve our city by cleaning up litter and recycling around their places of work or yards.

How to register a Clean-Up:
Why do I have to register my event?

Registering helps the City schedule pick-up of litter and recycling, avoid multiple groups cleaning the same location and arrange City approvals, if required.

Registration process:
We request that the public register online at:

There is a distinct form for each event:

Corporate 20-Minute Makeover - Friday April 21, 2017

Community Clean-up Days - Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23, 2017

School Clean-up Day - Friday April 21, 2017

Registration closing dates:

  1. School - Tuesday April 4, 2017
  2. Corporate - Tuesday April 11, 2017
  3. Community Group - Thursday April 13, 2017

Important information about registering an event:

  • Participants are encouraged to clean a park, laneway or any other public spaces.
  • The City will not collect garbage from private properties.
  • The City will only pick up litter and recycling from a registered clean-up event.
  • Some City parks may not allow a public clean-up event due to construction or other safety concerns; groups that are impacted will be contacted and helped to find other arrangements.
  • Participants must use the campaign GLAD bags (blue for recycling and white for litter).
  • Environment & Energy staff will contact all registrants
  • Registrants for City Parks. Please do not forward requests to clean-up City parks to the Park Supervisor. We will handle this request.

Free GLAD garbage & recycling bags:
Where can participants find the free GLAD garbage and recycling bags?
Starting Monday April 3, 2017
, participants can pick up free GLAD garbage (white bags) at any of these locations*:

Bags are to be issued at 1 bag per person. Groups are encouraged to reuse small plastic bags from home to collect the waste and then deposit it in the large GLAD bags.

Free recycling bags (blue bags) can be found at these locations*:

*Details about specific bag locations will be posted on on April 3, 2017.


  • The City does not provide yard waste bags
  • The City does not deliver bags to participants; and
  • The City does not provide gloves to participants
  • The City doesn't supply free yellow shirts

Litter Collection:

  • The City will only schedule free litter collection for registered cleanup events.
  • Applicants must register their cleanups before the deadlines.
  • Litter collection will only take place during the cleanup weekend of April 21-23.
  • Registered groups must use the campaign litter and blue bags.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit the City website for Clean Toronto Together FAQs.

Litter pick-up safety tips:

  • Do not pick up dangerous articles (needles, metal, chemicals, medical waste) - report the location of these items to 311
  • Report suspicious items to the Toronto Police Service's non-emergency telephone number 416-808-2222
  • Do not pick up litter on a road. When near or adjacent to a road - be mindful of vehicles at all times
  • Do not handle any hazardous wastes (batteries, paints, motor oil or chemicals) - report the location of these items to 311
  • Do not work on unstable or slippery ground (ravines, river banks), in tunnels, or near stormwater management facilities
  • Wear appropriate and protective clothing (gloves, boots, rain jacket, hat)
  • Do not pick up or move heavy tree limbs and objects

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