A police officer has 7 days to file a ticket, and it could take up to 15 days for the POA court to show a record of the offence.

There are three options for dealing with a Provincial Offences Act ticket (other than a parking ticket). Within 15 calendar days, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Plea of guilty - payment out of court (full payment of the Total Payable shown on the ticket is required)
  2. Early resolution meeting with a Prosecutor (this option is available if you wish to meet with the prosecutor to discuss the possible resolution of the charge(s) Mail or bring in your offence notice only to the court office indicated on the back of the offence notice. As of January 4, 2016 an early resolution meeting with a prosecutor can be requested online using the Court Services Court Case Look up.
  3. Trial - you or your representative must attend in person only at the court office shown on the back of your ticket to file a request for trial

Important: If you do not exercise one of the above options within 15 days of receiving an offence notice, you will be deemed not to dispute the charge and a justice of the peace may enter a conviction against you. Upon conviction, additional costs will be added to the total payable. If the fine goes into default, an administrative fee will be added and steps will be taken to enforce your defaulted fine. For example, information may be provided to a consumer reporting agency and for certain offences, including, speeding, your driver's licence may be suspended.

Note: Court offices will not accept documentation for other court locations. To avoid delays, please be sure to deliver your documentation to the correct court office.

Administrative staff do not have the authority to withdraw tickets. You must use the options available to you.

There are three ways to make a POA fine payment:

  1. In person at any Provincial Offences Office in Ontario
  2. On-line at the City of Toronto website. (Only tickets issued within City of Toronto can be paid on the City website). Note: It may take up to ten days for the ticket to appear in the online payment system.
  3. By mail to the address noted on your offence notice

Payments can be made by cheque, money order (payable to Toronto Court Services) Visa, MasterCard or American Express, debit card or cash. If the fine is in default, payment can be made by certified funds or credit card or debit card only.

Payment can be made by anyone, as long as they have the ticket number, or driver's licence number of the individual who incurred the infraction.

Please note: Once a fine is paid it can take up to 4 business days to reflect that the fine has been paid with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Court Case look up is now available online. By inputting your ticket number or offence number you can access case status information regarding any Toronto Provincial Offences ticket.

New: Effective January 4, 2016 the online Court Case look up can be used to request an early resolution meeting with a prosecutor.

Additional time to pay
If you need more time to pay a provincial offence fine, visit the court office noted on the back of your ticket (Offence Notice). You will be asked to fill out an extension of time to pay form. This form requires you to fill in all of the information regarding your ticket, including how much you have paid so far, and a specific date that you would like it extended to, etc. You may or may not be required to see a Justice of the Peace to give a verbal explanation of why you need additional time.

The application will be reviewed by Justice of the Peace who will grant or deny your application based on the information provided. It is not an administrative decision.

Lost tickets:
Court Services can obtain information on your ticket with your driver's license or name and date of birth.

The web payment user fee is $3.50 (for customers wishing to pay online on the City internet site).

Counter wait time
Counter wait times are now posted and reflect the average wait time for counters at each court site. The waiting times changes frequently depending on the number of customers attending and the type of service requested.

Display times are provided for information purposes only and should not be considered as a service guarantee.

To view current wait times at each court site, visit the City of Toronto website.

Victim Fine Surcharge (VFS)
VFS is imposed and regulated by the Provincial Government and is added to every fine imposed under the Provincial Offences Act other than for parking offences. The amount of the Victim Fine Surcharge is variable, and is based on the amount of the fine. Proceeds from the surcharge are used to maintain and expand provincial services to victims of crime.

Failure to pay your fine in full could result in a conviction being entered against you. Upon conviction you will be required to pay the set fine including court costs and the applicable victim fine surcharge by the due date.

Court Costs
Court costs vary according to when you pay your ticket. If it's the pre-conviction court cost then it will include service costs only. Post conviction court costs can include witness costs, restitution costs, fail to appear costs etc. The costs are authorized by Section 60 of the Provincial Offences Act and the amount is set by regulation.

Failure to pay the fine imposed upon conviction by the due date will result in one or more of the following:

  1. Refusal by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to issue validation of your vehicle permit
  2. Refusal by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to issue a vehicle permit
  3. Driver's license suspension
  4. An additional administrative fee
  5. The defaulted fine information is provided to a credit bureau.
  6. Civil Enforcement of court ordered fine (Starting in August 2005, individuals whose Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines have gone into default can expect to hear from one of several collection agencies the City of Toronto has retained for the collection of unpaid fines)

Refunds - you may be entitled to a refund if any of the following situations apply to you:

  1. If your payment exceeded the total payable amount
  2. If the fine was paid more than once
  3. If your request for an appeal was granted

Refunds take 5 to 6 weeks to process.

If you wish to obtain information on the status of a ticket issued to you, questions about a fine payment or decisions made in court at a trial, please contact the Court Services general inquiry line.

There are three different types of Provincial Offence Notices:

  1. Part I - a ticket that is issued to an individual -green ticket
  2. Part II - parking tickets, including GO Transit parking tickets - bright yellow ticket
  3. Part III - a summons (includes a court date) - pale yellow ticket

Provincial Offences include, but are not limited to:

  • speeding, careless driving, or not wearing your seat belt - Highway Traffic Act (red light camera tickets)
  • failing to surrender your insurance card or possessing a false or invalid insurance card - Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • being intoxicated in a public place or selling alcohol to a minor - Liquor Licence Act
  • entering prohibited premises or failing to leave premises after being directed to do so - Trespass to Property Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Ministry of Environment violations
  • noise, taxi and animal care by-laws - City by-laws

Most Provincial Offence charges result in out-of-court fine payments. Individuals who are issued a ticket under the Provincial Offences Act should read it carefully for a complete list of their payment and trial options.

Further information can be found on the City of Toronto website