Notice: Temporary sign permitting activities are suspended.

To apply for a temporary sign you must go in-person or email the Municipal Licensing & Standards Licensing (ML&S) Office.

Additional details are available on the City of Toronto website.

Download the a-frame sign, temporary mobile sign and new development sign applications.

Note: if you wish to apply for a temporary sign permit for a City park, see: Permits - temporary mobile signs in City parks

The City of Toronto requires that permits be obtained for the following signs:

  • Temporary Mobile
  • A-Frame
  • New Development

The processing time for a temporary sign is 4-6 weeks when all information has been provided.

Signs not requiring permits:

  • Garage Sale
  • Real Estate
  • Open House Directional
  • Community, Charitable, Religious, Schools

If you do not obtain a permit, the sign owner or the property owner can be fined and/or charged for removal and associated costs.

Note: Bylaw 693 uses the term "mobile" for a specific type of movable, temporary sign. The mobile sign category does not include a sign attached to a vehicle where the principal use of that vehicle is the transportation of people, goods or other materials.

Mobile signs ARE NOT permitted on the public right of way (sidewalks, boulevards, etc.) at any time.

Permit requirements - The following information must accompany your application:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Site plan or survey of sign location
  3. Photos of each sign location (photo should show entire frontage of proposed area)
  4. Approval from BIA (if within a BIA)
  5. Written authorization from property owner
  6. Business licence where required
  7. Corporate documentation and business name registration where a business licence is not required
  8. Photo or replica of sign design with measurements
  9. Contact information of person responsible for sign
  10. General liability insurance of two million dollars

Note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted and applications fees are non-refundable.

To qualify for an A-Frame temporary sign:

  1. Where the frontage associated with the main front wall of the premises is 6.1 metres or less, a maximum of one A-frame sign per premises shall be permitted to be erected or displayed
  2. Where the frontage associated with the main front wall of the premises exceeds 6.1 metres, a maximum of two A-Frame signs per premises shall be permitted or be erected or displayed.

Temporary Signs do not include:

  • advertising balloons
  • posters
  • flags
  • banners

Mobile Sign design requirements:

  • The sign lettering can be only black on white or white on black in the case of mobile signs having an area of 1.5 square metres, or more;
  • If backlit, the sign shall be Canadian Standards Association (CSA), hydro-approved battery or CSA hydro-approved power generator driven;
  • There shall be a minimum set distance between mobile signs so that each sign shall not be placed closer than 23 metres (75.5 feet) to another mobile sign located on the same lot or an adjoining lot.

Permit validity: The length of permit depends on the type of temporary sign.

A mobile sign permit is valid for a period of 30 days. No more than three mobile sign permits can be issued for a single business location in a calendar year.

New development sign and portable/A-frame permits are valid for one year and may be renewed annually.

A sign building permit may be required for some signs that are not temporary signs.

Permits for permanent sign (these are generally on private property) are issued by the Toronto Building Sign Unit, see: Permits - permanent signs - billboards - advertising balloons - sign variance