Contact 311 to submit a service request to report a motorized vehicle in a City park.

Motorized vehicles of any type are not permitted on bike paths.

Motorized vehicles (including e-bikes) may not be used on park multi-use paths. If a motorized vehicle is used on a park path, the rider/driver may be fined by bylaw enforcement officers. The Waterfront Multi-Use path, Don Valley & Humber Multi-use paths, are all considered parklands. The new railpath & Hydro corridor trails are considered linear parks.


  • Prohibited: drive, operate, pull or ride a motor vehicle except on a roadway or parking area
  • Prohibited: washing, cleaning servicing, maintaining a vehicle
  • Instructing, teaching or coaching a person in the driving or operation of a motor vehicle
  • Obstruct, inconvenience or endanger other park users while riding or operating a bicycle
  • Construct or assemble ramps, jumps, pathways or obstacles course
  • Ride or operate a bicycle which results in damage to trails, vegetation, trees, fauna or other natural features