The owner is responsible to clear steps, landings, walks, driveways (including mutual driveways), parking spaces, ramps and similar areas of a yard of snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowfall to provide safe access and egress for persons and vehicles. This applies to all properties including commercial properties.

An owner is also required to keep roofs and roof structures free from any dangerous accumulation of snow and ice and any loose objects that may constitute a hazard, i.e icicles. However, normal seasonal accumulations of snow and ice would not need to be addressed by the owner.

If you are a tenant and have concerns about snow and ice on the property, please speak to the property owner. You should also make your request in writing to the owner by completing a work order or a Standards maintenance request. If the issue has not been resolved within a reasonable time you can file a complaint.

If you wish to file a complaint about a private property owner not clearing snow from private property, you can submit a service request online at, or call 311.

For more information about the bylaws enforced by Municipal Licensing & Standards, visit the City of Toronto website .

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