Towing charges
Owners can essentially charge whatever they like as long as they complete the Schedule of Rates which lists maximum rates and files it with Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) . The only mandated fee is the Accident Tow Rate which is $256.25 + HST for 2019. Tow truck owners are required to advise their client what they will be charged and both parties agree and sign the consent form before the vehicle is towed. A copy of the rate sheet is available through ML&S.  

Tariffs are set by the towing company, except services indicated in Sections 102 and 103. They must be filed with Municipal Licensing and Standards at least 30 days before they take effect. The owner of the tow truck must have a copy of the tariff in his truck at all times and must show it to the hirer on demand.

When a vehicle is towed from private or municipal property with a parking tag and Toronto Police tow tag, and is under 6,000 lbs, the price of the tow cannot exceed the amount indicated in the bylaw. The price of storage cannot exceed a set amount for each day or part of a day. If the owner of the vehicle attends while the vehicle is in the process of being taken away, the towing company can charge no more than the amount indicated in the bylaw as well to release the vehicle.

When a vehicle is towed from the scene of an accident, and is under 6,000 lbs, the price cannot exceed the amount indicated in the bylaw, except when the vehicle is towed from the QEW, Gardiner, DVP or Highways 400, 401, 404 or 427 when the price cannot exceed another item set by the bylaw for such services.

When a vehicle is illegally parked in the street and towed by police, the fees are not based on our by-law, but the contract between the towing company and the police, and would be reflected in the tariff card.

Further information can be found in Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545.

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