Toronto Animal Services staff are not licenced trappers with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Toronto Animal Services does not provide/rent traps.

Further information about Wildlife in the City can be found on the City of Toronto website.

Live Trapping:

When live trapping appears to be the only way to remove a problem raccoon, remember;

  • removal of nuisance wildlife is done by commercial wildlife removal companies. They should be consulted when the animal must be removed from between walls or from crawl spaces or when the home owner is unable to solve the problem without expert assistance.
  • reducing or eliminating whatever attracts the raccoons to your property is the only long term or permanent solution to your conflict with the animal.
  • one is legally allowed to release an animal 1 km away from where it was trapped.
  • Toronto Animal Services does not go out to pick up live-trapped animals.

Trapping, Hunting and Poisoning:

  • although trapping is a quick answer, it does not solve the problem. If one animal has found a way to get in, so will others. Trapping may also leave starving young behind to die, causing a bigger problem.
  • placing poison out to kill animals could result in criminal charges
  • current Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines state that using body gripping traps or placing poison could result in criminal charges and/or provincial charges with fines up to  $5,000.00
  • the firing of guns in Toronto is illegal

The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsibility for ensuring the sustainable management of wildlife and their habitats. For additional information on wildlife management and applicable laws, see the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

To report instances of animal cruelty involving trapped wildlife, contact the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Ministry of Natural Resources Violation Line.