Winter 2020/2021 

Currently only leisure skate for all ages is operating. Please reserve a spot online.

What You Need to Know Before You Go

  • Outdoor leisure skate capacity is capped at a maximum of 25 skaters on the ice to ensure physical distancing requirements are met
  • Reservations are encouraged. A small number of spots will be available for participants who are not able to make a reservation online. Reservations are available to Toronto residents only
  • Change rooms and lockers are unavailable. Participants are encouraged to arrive fully dressed for their skate
  • Wearing a mask/face covering is required while on and off the ice, waiting in line and in indoor public spaces, including the washrooms that are open in winter. Read more about Face and Mask Coverings and find out more about using City skating facilities during COVID-19

Information about strollers on the ice, sledges, accessibility, natural ice rinks, safety, Grenadier Pond at High Park and skating on other open bodies of water is available on Skating – General Information.

Skate aids are available at AIRs and sledges can be requested. To request use of a sledge, visit the skating section of Accessible Recreation Facilities and Equipment to learn more and request access. When booking a sledge, allow a minimum of 10 business days before your intended date of use.

Wheelchairs, both manual and powered, are allowed on the ice during leisure skate. Check with on-site staff on accessing the ice.

Strollers are allowed on the ice during supervised public and leisure skate times at rinks. Once at the rink, contact City staff for guidance before accessing the ice. Children are required to be properly secured in the stroller before entering the rink. Strollers should not be used as a skate aid.

Help us keep the ice clean and safe. If you are using a wheelchair, sledge, stroller or approved skate aid, please ensure they do not track salt or dirt onto the ice surface.

Make a Skating Reservation

  1. Make sure you have your family and client number(s). Find out more about how to get family and client numbers
  2. Reservations can be made daily at 8 a.m. for up to seven days in advance. Residents may make one reservation per day and only for their household members. 
  3. Use the following map or list to find an outdoor ice rink. You can search and filter using your own address, or the park or outdoor rink name
  4. Select a map pin for outdoor rink status and to find the Reserve Now button
  5. Choose the Reserve Now button to find available reservation times. Waitlists are not kept or monitored for recreation reservations. Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.
  6. After completing the reservation, take a screenshot or print the receipt to show on-site
  7. If you need to cancel your reservation, email or call 416-396-7378, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  8. Reservations will be honoured for 5 minutes beyond scheduled start time

Skating Programs General Information

Leisure Skate Programs include:

  • Preschool & Parents/Parent & Tots Skate (adults & children under 5 yrs)
  • Youth/Teen Skate (13-18 yrs)
  • Adult Skate (19 yrs +) - $3.50 at indoor supervised arenas, FREE at outdoor rinks
  • Older Adult/Seniors Skate (60 yrs +) - $1.75 at indoor supervised arenas, FREE at outdoor rinks

Note: If the location is a free centre, there are no fees for any of these programs.

Important: In the event that no one shows up for a specific age group skate time or activity, recreation staff will wait 15-20 minutes. After that 15-20 minutes, if no one shows up, the rink will be made all-ages/leisure skate. If a person(s) from the original age group or activity shows up after the rink has been made all-ages/leisure skate, the original age group or activity will take priority. This process will occur on a case by case basis with the appropriate due diligence completed by the respective site staff.

Family Skate - FREE (children & youth under 19, an adult must accompany). For families who want to skate together, this is an ideal program for children and youth who are learning to skate and need to skate in a slower-paced environment, or with the assistance of an adult.

Parents and guardians must remain in the arena and assume full responsibility for children under their supervision. Adults (18 yrs+) are welcome to skate during family skate.

Public Skate - FREE (all ages; children 12 years and under must be supervised at all times)

Shinny Hockey - (Time is scheduled by a variety of ages or gender)
Every shinny hockey game is a little bit different. Bring a CSA approved hockey helmet, gloves, stick, and a puck, and join a pick-up game near you. The puck stays on the ice during games. Goalies are not permitted, and body contacted is not permitted because players are not wearing equipment to protect them from raised pucks and body contact. All shinny hockey is supervised by City staff, unless otherwise indicated (i.e. Adult Shinny, 19+).

Pick-up Hockey ($6.00 per session)
Pick up hockey differs from shinny hockey as players wear full equipment. The puck may be raised and goalies are invited to play; however body contact is still prohibited.

Shinny Hockey - Child (6-12 yrs) supervised by parent / guardian (16+ yrs)
Parents/caregivers are encouraged to use this time to play and teach children basic hockey skills. The level of play is to be kept at a minimum, with caution exercised for other skaters.

Shinny Hockey - Child (10-12 yrs) and teen (13-15 yrs)
This time is designed for children and teenagers with some skating and hockey experience. The level of play is at a medium pace to encourage all skill levels to participate. Experienced skaters must be considerate of other less experienced skaters, and adjust the pace of the game accordingly.

Shinny Hockey - Adult (16 yrs +)
This time is designed to accommodate adults with varied skills and experience. All shinny hockey guidelines must be followed in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all players. The pace of the game should be adjusted by players to reflect the general skill and experience level. Level 3 is generally a fast paced level of play.

Unsupervised Shinny Hockey - Adult (19 yrs +)
This time is designed to accommodate shinny hockey for adults who are at least 19 years old. It is not staff supervised, unless otherwise indicated.

Shinny Hockey Girls - Child (10-12yrs) and teen (13-15yrs)
This time is designed to encourage girls to get involved in hockey. Instructors will give basic instruction of hockey skills, and design a house league game format if there are a sufficient number of players.

Shinny Hockey Women - Adult (16+yrs) 
This time is designed to encourage girls to get involved in hockey. Instructors will give basic instruction of hockey skills, and design a house league game format if there are a sufficient number of players. Beginner players are welcome.

Baby Sleds on rinks 
Sleds (for snow with runners) that the baby can be tied into, permitted that the baby (as well as all children under 6) is wearing a CSA approved hockey helmet, are allowed as long as the rink is not busy. When there are a moderate number of skaters, it shouldn't be a problem. When there are lots of people on the ice, it becomes a tripping hazard. Try calling the location ahead of time to find out if the rink is busy.

A better alternative to outdoor skating is indoor rinks/arenas as they have designated times for parents and preschoolers where conditions are more controlled. Check the leisure skating website for times and locations. North York has the most time allotted for this activity.

Strollers, slings, hip carriers, structured baby backpack - not permitted
Stroller wheels may have salt and sand embedded and would damage the ice. Baby carriers not permitted because of trip and fall issues. Carrying babies in your arms is also not permitted for the same reason as baby carriers.

Wheelchairs - permitted on rinks under certain conditions
Check ahead with the supervisor of the facility as to what they are. Thorough cleaning of the wheels before entering the ice is one issue.