Winter Washrooms in Parks & Recreation Facilities & Maintained Pathways

  • Masks must be worn while using washroom facilities and while waiting in lines
  • Washrooms are open from 9 am to dusk, and are serviced and closed for the day by rotating Parks crews that visit multiple locations.
  • A listing of winter washrooms is available on the City’s website

Park washrooms

Depending on the location and level of use, park washrooms open and close on different schedules. Some operate year round. Most operate only in peak season. A list of spring and summer washroom in parks is available on the City website.

There are three standard opening and closing dates:

  1. April 21 - Thanksgiving
  2. Victoria Day - Labour Day
  3. Victoria Day - Thanksgiving

Parks where washrooms remain open during the winter season are listed here.

If you would like more specific information about a particular park washroom, please contact 311 and you will be directed to the park supervisor for the specific park.

A listing of the facilities and features in City Parks or Gardens is available at the City's website.

Gender neutral inquiries
In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, facility users are welcome to use the washroom / changeroom based on their gender identity and/or expression. Users may also prefer to use universal facilities where available, however this is not a requirement. Should these arrangements not meet a client's needs, they should speak to facility staff to make alternate arrangements.

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