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Under TMC Chapter 608 (34):

  • While in a park, no person shall have the control of more than three dogs.
  • All Commercial Dog Walkers who walk from 4 to a maximum of 6 dogs, at any one time in City parks, greenspaces or waterfront areas, must obtain a Commercial Dog Walker Permit.

"Park" refers to any City park, greenspace or waterfront area.

Obtaining a Commercial Dog Walker Permit

  1. Apply for the permit in person at any one of the Parks Permit Counters at the 3 Civic Centres (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough), or at Toronto City Hall
  2. Provide personal identification
  3. Provide a completed application for a commercial dog walker permit
  4. Provide evidence of Commercial General Liability insurance coverage in the amount of $2,000,000 for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury liability, and including the City as an additional insured; and
  5. Ensure that all dogs under their care and control are licensed in accordance with Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349, Animals

Applications will be processed and permit issued on the spot providing all the requirements are met (i.e., applications are completed accurately, proof of insurance is provided, photo is taken and the fee is paid).

Additional details regarding the Commercial Dog Walker Permit Policy, applications and fees are available on the City of Toronto website.

Dog Walking Business Owners

  • If you own a dog walking business, the City requires each employee to complete an Application for Commercial Dog Walker Permit
  • the business owner (or designate/employee) can come in person (with photo identification for each applicant) to submit all the completed applications, proof of insurance and pay the appropriate fees, and obtain the permit as long as the employee has a photo on their client account with the City of Toronto. Otherwise the employee will have to come in person to have their photo taken.
  • As a business owner, it is your responsibility to notify our Parks Customer Service staff of any staffing changes. Once you have notified them that one of your employees has left, they will cancel their permit and your business will no longer be responsible for that permit.
  • If you have hired a new employee, it is up to you to have them purchase a permit.

In most cases, Commercial General Liability policies insure all the employees of that business; however, you should confirm this with your insurance provider. Also, you will have to add the City of Toronto to the policy as an additional insured.

Commercial Dog Walker Permit fee prorating:
If your Commercial General Liability policy is set to expire in six months, your fee will not be changed to accommodate this. Permits are issued for a one-year period only. It is the responsibility of the Commercial Dog Walker (or business owner) to ensure the validity of their Insurance policy of it expires prior to the expiry of their permit. City of Toronto can request an updated / renewed insurance policy at any time.

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