Please Note: Service counters for Tree Protection and Plan Review at Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough Civic Centres are open. Counters at 18 Dyas Rd. and the Booth Yard at 50 Booth Ave remain closed, you can contact their office by email to make payment arrangements. Applications and exception requests can also be submitted by mail.

Protected trees within or adjacent to a construction area must be protected by a barrier. The barrier must be in accordance with the Tree Protection Policy and Specifications for Construction Near Trees. An applicant for a construction project involving trees that require protection must prepare a tree protection plan using a qualified Arborist or approved tree professional in consultation with Urban Forestry. 

Within a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) there must be:

  • no alteration or disturbance to existing grade of any kind;
  • no changes to the grade by adding fill, excavating or scraping;
  • no storage of construction materials or equipment;
  • no storage of soil, construction waste or debris;
  • no disposal of any liquids e.g. concrete sleuth, gas, oil, paint; and
  • no movement of vehicles, equipment or pedestrians.

These requirements are for area(s) designated as a TPZ. These requirements should be used as guidelines for all other areas where tree roots are impacted. The roots of a tree can extend from the trunk to approximately 2-3 times the distance of the drip line. Where the above listed activities are being considered, an application to injure a tree must be submitted and approved prior to that activity taking place.

Tree Protection Signage:

Tree Protection Signage must be mounted on all sides of the protection barrier. Tree protection barriers must not be removed without the written authorization of City of Toronto, Urban Forestry Services.The sign should be a minimum of 40cm x 60cm and made of white gator board or equivalent material.
Signs may be available at the Urban Forestry, Tree Protection and Plan Review district offices. 

For more information visit the City of Toronto website