The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a stand-alone, financially self-sustaining not-for-profit corporation accountable to a Board of Directors and operating as an Administrative Authority under the Electricity Act 1998 and an Administrative Agreement with the Ministry of Government Services. ESA is responsible for public electrical safety in Ontario as designated by Ontario Regulation 89/99.

ESA arranges electrical inspections for customers whenever an electrician or contractor is doing work to install or change a service. ESA provides permits upon inspections. Inspections are required before new services can be connected, after upgrades are done, before a customer that has been disconnected for 6 months can be reconnected, or before power can be reconnected at a property that has experienced a fire & for insurance purposes.

Ontario Electrical Safety Code: To purchase the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, please contact the provincial Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

There are 5 steps you must follow when doing electrical work in your home:

  1. know the rules - ask about the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for electrical wiring and installations.
  2. ensure the power is off - always turn power off from the panel box, and use an approved tester to ensure power is off.
  3. use approved products - look for the mark of a recognized certification agency on electrical products.
  4. consult a licensed electrical contractor or electrician - about your home's electrical requirements.
  5. arrange to have your electrical work inspected - as required by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Contact the Electrical Safety Authority.

Arranging for an Inspection

Product Safety