COVID-19 Update: This year, Community Environment Days will be set up as drive-thru events at the City’s seven Drop-Off Depots. Residents will be able to drive to different stations to drop off items for reuse, recycling and safe disposal. Events will begin on Sundays from September 13 and run until November 1, 2020. The City of Toronto is committed to protecting the health and safety of our residents and staff. Kitchen containers will not be available for purchase.

Community Environment Days offer residents the opportunity to reuse, recycle or safely dispose of items including household goods, electronics, and household hazardous waste in their own neighbourhoods.

Visit the Community Environment Days website for further details on what you can pickup or drop-off, items not accepted, the event schedule and more.

Pick up of free leaf compost will come in 13 kg bags (limit to two bags per vehicle, while supplies last). 

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