Contact 311 to submit a service request to order in-unit recycling bags or organic kitchen catchers or to find out the status of your submitted application. Requests may only be made by Superintendents or Property Managers and should have the water/waste utility account number. 

The City of Toronto has completed the implementation of the organics collection program to all City serviced multi-residential customers with front-end collected and curbside waste collection services.

Provision of Collection containers

The City no longer provides free organic bins to multi-residential customers. Prior to purchasing front-end organic containers, multi-residential customers should contact Solid Waste Management Services for bin specifications.

The City will provide free of charge, the initial in-unit kitchen containers to all units (for all City serviced customers). Property Management are eligible to request 10% replacement per calendar year.

Information about the multi-residential Green Bin Organics Program is available on the City of Toronto website.

Note: Recycling and organics is mandatory for all apartments, condominiums, townhouses and cooperatives receiving garbage collection from the City of Toronto.

Organics collection for multi-residential buildings (e.g. apartments, condos, co-ops)

The multi-residential Green Bin Program allows participants to put organics (fruit and vegetables scraps, paper towels, coffee grinds, etc.) out for collection separate from garbage and recycling.

Implementation of organics collection from multi-residential buildings is necessary if the City is to meet its waste diversion goals. Organics material makes up approximately 30% of the garbage going to landfill. The program is mandatory.

By separating organics, your building will reduce the volume of garbage it sets out, thereby reducing your overall volume-based fee. There is no fee for organics collection or recycling collection.

If a building does not implement the mandatory organics collection program, they will be removed from all waste collection services offered by the City.

The City of Toronto has an "all or nothing" policy pertaining to solid waste collection services. As stated in the City of Toronto Residential Collection By-law document - Chapter 844 -Article II - Section 844-3 Eligibility for services (E) - "No owner shall be eligible to receive or to continue to receive services unless the owner sets out for collection all waste in respect of which the city provides services to the owner [Added 2003-05-23 by By-Law No.446.2003]

Property Management must ensure the organics program is as convenient to each resident as the waste and recycling programs in order to encourage residents to participate.


City staff will determine the best method of collection for your building through a site inspection or from previous survey information. Collection will take place once per week.

For more program information, please visit the City of Toronto website.

For curbside multi-residential customers, please complete the Bin Order Form to order 35 gallon organic carts.

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