To report litter or loose garbage on sidewalks or boulevards along arterial (main) streets and public laneways, you can submit a service request online at: or call 311 and Solid Waste Management will respond. 

If you wish to report litter on a  roadway , Transportation Services will respond

Litter includes (non-containerized) small items or discarded items, such as (not chewing gum):

  • paper/flyers/wrappers
  • cigarette butts
  • broken glass

Note: loose litter or garbage on private property, sidewalks and boulevards, in residential areas, is the responsibility of property owners, (refer to Chapter 743-36):

Article V of Chapter 743 of the Toronto Municipal Code requires that all property owners in Toronto:

  • Keep the boulevard and sidewalk clear of noxious weeds, litter, rubbish, brush, leaves, lawn and tree trimmings

If you have a complaint about a property owner not picking up litter on their property, select the link below for Bylaw enforcement.

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