If you are experiencing a sudden loss of water pressure, contact 311 to submit a service request.

If you have no water during cold weather and have not received communication that Toronto Water is conducting repairs in your neighbourhood or your location or address is not found on the No Water map, then the water pipes on your property may be frozen.

Here are some other reasons you may have no water:

  1. The water may have been shut off to the house from the City main water box.
  2. There may be a water main break in the area which may result in water being turned off on the street.
  3. The City may be relining water service and has turned off the water to your house or other type work may be affecting your water.
  4. The stop and waste valve may be turned off.

View the City of Toronto website for reasons why you may be experiencing no water or low pressure.

If none of these conditions exist call 311 to submit a no water service request for investigation.

Toronto Water will check to see if there is any scheduled water work for your area, and if not, Toronto Water will come out to investigate the problem.

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