City hydrant standard colour is yellow. Fire Hydrant tops and caps can be one of four colours, each hydrant top and cap colour represents the flow of water in gallons per minute. The majority of caps are blue. Colour coding is performed as per Ontario Fire Code.

Beginning in 2016, City Fire Hydrants will be painted entirely yellow in colour and as per the Fire Code Toronto Water will be installing a reflective ring on the nozzle to indicate the flow value. These rings will be one of four possible colours that indicate the flow value (amount of water) that can be expected from the hydrant. The installation of the reflective rings will be complete City wide in 2021.

  • Blue: 1500 gal/min and greater
  • Green: 1000-1499 gal/min
  • Orange: 500-999 gal/min
  • Red: under 500 gal/min


The City of Toronto has a total of 41,398 water hydrants.

  • Toronto East York - 8,983
  • Scarborough - 9,721
  • North York - 10,871
  • Etobicoke - 11,823

Toronto Water statistics