Toronto Water is responsible for water meter removal for a house demolition.

To schedule a water meter removal prior demolition:

  1. You are required to be onsite and have access to the water meter
  2. The property is scheduled for demolition
  3. Toronto Water staff needs to visit the site prior to the scheduled demolition and will not do so if you call on the same day of demolition

Water Turn Off fee for Demolition: (the disconnection of old water service not included): Fees

Contact the Toronto Water, Water Meter office during business hours to make a request for removal of your water meter.

Note: Solid Waste bins. If you are removing your water meter due to home renovation or demolition, and require a decreased level of solid waste collection services or no solid waste collection services for a period of time please view the following options: Garbage collection - opting in - opting out of City collection - cancel service

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