Notice: Derelict abandoned service request for Solid Waste Management is being accepted. Intact & rideable abandoned bike services request for Right of Way Management is currently suspended.

To report an abandoned bike on City road allowance, a bike locked to a City tree or displaying a for sale/ advertising sign, contact 311 to submit a service request.

  • Derelict abandoned bikes (bike frame, missing rear wheel, bent wheels,flat tire/rusted chain  and not rideable): Solid Waste Management (SWM), Litter Operations will remove.
  • Intact & rideable abandoned bikes: Transportation Services, Right-of Way Management (ROW) will tag the bike giving the owner 14 days to remove the bike or respond that it is not abandoned.  If there is no response, ROW will forward the request to SWM Litter Operations to remove the bike.
  • Bikes locked to a City tree or displaying a for sale/advertising sign: Solid Waste Management (SWM), Litter Opearations will remove.

Bicycles are removed under TMC Chapter 743-9 (P)(R)

Augmenting this is an annual spring clean-up that Transportation Services, Road Operations & SWM undertake every year, where they remove abandoned/derelict bikes during the clean-up.

Litter Operations keep track of abandoned bicycles, photograph them, and map the locations of the bikes that are removed.

Bicycles removed from the road allowance will be kept for 60 days. if they are not claimed within this period they will be discarded at City transfer stations and processed as recycled metal along with other metal collected by the City. The City also donates bicycles to various registered charities throughout the year, after pre-approval, they are eligible to select bikes they wish to take.

Lost keys to a secured bike on city road allowance
The City will not cut the lock off a bike parked at a bicycle locking ring as there is no verification of ownership. It is recommended that a bicycle shop or locksmith be contacted to remove the lock. Once the lock has been removed, it is recommended to contact the local police station so they are aware of what was done.

Abandoned bicycles on private property - bicycle locked or attached to a private fence
If a bike is located on private property you can contact the local Toronto Police Division to check the serial number on the TPS Bicycle Registry before having the bike removed for disposal. If the serial number appears in the registry, TPS can contact the owner to come pick the bicycle up.

The serial number can be located on the bottom of the bike between the pedals

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