Notice: Due to COVID-19, only emergency right of way construction permits and permits connected to large-scale public infrastructure projects will be issued or reviewed.

For a new home contact a Right of Way Management district office and apply for a curb replacement. Each location is based on approved or submitted site drawings that must be submitted by the applicant and are subject to review by staff. New driveway applications must be made at least eight weeks before construction.

For a new or existing home, contact Right-of-Way Management to request to widen or close a driveway curb.

Driveway widening and curb cuts will not be approved if:

  • It will permit vehicle access to unauthorized front, side or rear yard parking areas;
  • It requires removing a tree or will damage an existing tree;
  • The proposed driveway width will exceed the width specified in any applicable Zoning Bylaw;
  • The proposed driveway will encroach into the boulevard of an adjoining property, when the common lot line is projected perpendicular to the curb line of the abutting road;
  • The widening is to an existing negative slope/depressed driveway or a truck loading dock accessed directly from an arterial street.

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