To request the installation or removal of an accessible (disabled) parking space or sign, you must have an accessible parking permit (APP) issued by the Ministry of Transportation. The address for your permit must match your place of residence. If you do not drive, you need a letter from the Toronto Transit Commission confirming that you are a regular Wheel Trans patron. Traffic Operations will then conduct a site investigation to verify that your residence does not have accessible on-site parking.

An accessible space:

  1. Is not permitted within 9 metres of a corner
  2. An applicant who is the holder of a permit may be eligible to have an on-street accessible parking space for a person with a disability designated in front of or near the applicants' residence if the on-street designation will not result in the loss of more than one on-street parking paces as provided for under Chapter 925, Permit Parking
  3. Requires proof of a valid accessible parking permit
  4. The accessible spot is not a reserved spot, it can be used for anyone with an accessible permit.

On-street spaces are not provided to holders of temporary Accessible Parking permits and spaces are generally not provided to permit holders who have a front yard parking pad, a driveway and/or garage on their property.

If you are requesting the installation of an on-street accessible parking space you must provide the following when applying:

  1. Accessible parking permit holder's name, address and telephone number
  2. Photocopies of both the front and back of the Accessible Parking permit, as proof of disability and residency

Contact 311 to submit a service request for the installation or removal of a disabled persons parking space or the removal of an accessible parking space sign.