Post-and-ring bicycle stands consist of a pre-cast bike locking ring mounted on an aluminum post installed within the public right-of-way, typically on City of Toronto sidewalks and boulevards, wherever public bicycle parking facilities are needed.

The City of Toronto installs bicycle locking ring parking stands on City sidewalks and boulevards which have a minimum width of 2.6 metres. Transportation Services performs site inspections of requested locations to determine if the suggested location is suitable for this program.

Potential locations are identified through requests from the public, as well as from City agencies (libraries, community centres, etc.).

All new locations suggested by the public will be considered, however, the City reserves the right to vet all submissions.

New large developments are required to provide bicycle parking facilities, and if there is not enough space for bike racks on the property, the City will install post-and-ring stands on adjacent City property, at the developer's expense.

Bicycle Locking Ring Stands are not supplied by the City for installation on private property.

The supply, installation & maintenance of bike locking ring sites is currently coordinated by the Public Realm section and completed by contracted services.

Anyone can suggest a post and ring stand installation.

To make a request for a post and ring stand contact Public Realm, Street Furniture Management unit

Fee: there is no installation fee

To report damage or graffiti to a bike locking ring, contact 311 to submit a service request.

Post and Ring Safety:
The post-and-ring bike racks are safe, as long as you lock the frame and at least one wheel to the rack.

For bike rings (with bikes attached to them) that have been removed due to a construction project, the cyclist or owner of the bike should speak to a construction worker on site and explain the situation or look for a site office or trailer near the construction site to have your bike unlocked.

To request  a post and ring stand, relocate or removal of a bike locking ring, please email Public Realm Street Furniture Management unit.

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