The City of Toronto's Municipal code recognizes two categories of e-bikes; pedelecs which are similar to bicycles, and e-scooters which are similar to gas scooters

City Streets and Park Roads
e-bikes are allowed on any roads where conventional bicycles may ride. This includes all park roads, but excludes 400-series highways.

Motorized vehicles may not be used on park multi-use paths. If a motorized vehicle is used on a park path, the rider/driver may be fined by bylaw enforcement officers. The Waterfront Multi-use path, Don Valley & Humber Multi-use paths, are all considered parklands. The new railpath & Hydro corridor trails are considered linear parks.

Bylaw enforcement - electric bicycles - e-bikes - in City of Toronto Parks

Bike Lanes
Toronto's bylaws for bike lanes permits the use of power assisted bicycles such as pedelecs that weighs less then 40kg and e-scooters in conventional painted bicycle lanes.

Please note that electric scooters are allowed in painted bicycle lanes, but not cycle tracks.

Toronto Ferries
Only electric bicycles with a wheel diameter of 26" or larger are allowed on the ferries to the Toronto Islands.

Parking - Post & Ring Stands
Parking bylaws don't address e-bike parking issues at this time. For this reason e-bikes may park on-street (as scooters and motorcycles do), or, in some cases e-bike users may opt to park on the sidewalk, and use a post and ring stand as though they are a conventional bicycle. There is no bylaw which prohibits e-bikes from using post and ring stands at this time.

In order to operate an e-bike:

  • Operators must be 16 years of age or older;
  • All operators must wear an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet at all times.

Additional information on Power assisted bicycles (e-bikes, pedelecs and e-scooters) can be found on the City of Toronto website.

More information is available at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

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