Commercial General Liability Coverage

Commercial general liability insurance – $5,000,000 per occurrence – encompasses third-party bodily injury and property damage and personal injury coverage. The policy covers all sums that your Board of Management becomes legally obligated to pay, including the cost of defence, for damages arising directly or indirectly out of your board’s programs and activities. Policy coverage includes:

  • BIA organized events and activities, including the installation and placement of street furniture. Permission may need to be obtained from the City prior to placing the furniture on public streets or parks. The policy does not cover damage to street furniture.
    • Participation in events and activities organized by other groups; note that other groups are not covered by the policy
    • BIA staff and volunteers under control and supervision of the board
    • BIA sidewalk sales. Note however, that private businesses are not covered by the policy
    • BIA events or activities held outside of the formal BIA boundary

The policy excludes coverage for:

  • Other groups or organizations
  • Damage to property owned or leased by the BIA
  • Money and other financial securities
  • Claims that result from professional services, including faulty workmanship and pollution liability
  • Motorized licensed vehicles that your board of management owns or is legally obliged to insure