See the current Fair Wage Schedules effective as of March 1, 2023.

The Fair Wage Office administers the Fair Wage Policy that prohibits the City from doing business with contractors and suppliers who discriminate against their workers. The Office investigates complaints and takes enforcement action when it is determined that a contractor has failed to pay its workers the prescribed hourly wage rates, vacation and holiday pay and applicable amount for fringe benefits shown in the current fair wage schedule.

The City of Toronto requires that wages paid to workers on City contracts meet the requirements of the Fair Wage Policy, as applied by City contracts and labour trade contractual obligations in the construction industry as legislated by the province of Ontario. The policy covers five construction sectors:

  • industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI)
  • roads
  • sewer and water main construction
  • heavy construction
  • utilities construction
  • other non-construction services such as purchase of garments, security, cleaning services, clerical etc

The Fair Wage Policy is intended to:

  • produce stable labour relations with minimal disruptions
  • compromise between the wage differentials of organized and unorganized labour
  • create a level playing field in competition for City work
  • set standards in the workplace that contractors must meet
  • protect the public and guard workers from exploitation
  • enhance the reputation of the City for fair and ethical business dealings