Insurance documentation must be submitted to the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office (TFTDMO) in order to be issued a location filming permit. The City of Toronto requires evidence of insurance, in the form of a certificate of insurance, adding the City as additional insured from all permit applicants. This is to protect the City’s interests in the event of a third party claim arising from the permit applicant’s operations.

The following insurance industry standard requirements must appear on the certificate:

  1. General Comprehensive Public Liability in the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence.
    An insurance policy that covers the insured against liability from a third party claim for bodily injury and or property damage which arise from the insured’s business, property or operations.
  2. The City of Toronto, 100 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2, must be named as an additional insured. A person or entity, other than the named insured, who is protected by the policy, most often in regard to a specific interest and with respect to the operations of the Named Insured. Your comprehensive general liability policy must add the City of Toronto as an additional insured to protect the City where your actions or operations injure a third party for which a claim may be filed against you and/or the City.
  3. A Cross Liability / Severability of Interest Clause which is defined as follows:
    A provision in some insurance policies and applications for insurance that each insured or applicant will be treated as if separately covered under the policy. If a claim is made by one insured against another insured, this provision provides coverage for the insured against whom the claim is made in the same manner as if separate policies had been issued. However, it does not operate to increase the insurance company’s overall limit of liability. Your comprehensive general liability policy must allow the City of Toronto to file a claim against you if your actions or operations injure the City of Toronto.

Permit applicants should consult with their insurance advisors if further clarification and explanation is needed.