Film permit requests, production information, insurance certificates and park maps can be submitted through the web portal, FilmPal.


New film permitting fees are now in effect. Pay fees online once permit approved.

Using FilmPal

  • You must complete the mandatory fields of the production information form to the best of your knowledge. Any blank non-mandatory fields can be entered at a later date with your assigned film permit coordinator.
  • Once you submit your application(s), you will receive a receipt. If you have a receipt, your applications were received. Keep your receipt as proof of submission. You may also forward your receipt(s) to or your assigned film permit coordinator (if known), as confirmation.
  • You can submit your insurance anytime online by choosing your production from the drop-down list. Currently we accept JPG and PNG formats. If your certificate is in a different format, click the link at the top of the insurance page and attach it to the email.
  • Using Toronto Maps, confirm that the street name, type, direction and address are valid and entered correctly.
  • The “Special Instructions” box can be used for scene description and impact on the streets/park/area.  You may also provide such as laneway filming or if you are having difficulty with any other part of the submission process.
  • Upload your letter when you fill out the application. Currently we accept JPG and PNG formats. If your letter is in a different format email it to or your film permit coordinator.
  • Revisions and changes cannot be made online at this time.  Email your assigned film permit coordinator and/or  Do not submit a revised application online.
  • To apply for another location permit, do not submit a new production information form again. Find your production under the “existing Production” drop down. Select it, then apply for additional permits.
  • If your film permit application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to pay the related film permitting fees.