Notification letters (Templates below) must be distributed to residents and business in the area in which filming activity will take place a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your arrival, including prep days and coning. This allows area residents and businesses the opportunity to respond.

Filming Letter of Notification Template

Reoccuring Filming Location Letter of Notification Template

Both sides of the street should be lettered where filming activity is taking place, or as otherwise instructed by Toronto Film, Television and Digital Office staff.

Toronto Film, Television and Digital Office staff must review and approve the letters before they are delivered to ensure that variances to the guidelines are clearly stated. Email letters to (always indicate project title in subject line) with sufficient time to avoid delays.

The letter should:

  • Identify the film company, type and title of production on film company letterhead
  • Provide the name and phone number of the location manager and assistant location manager
  • Provide the duration of filming (e.g. one day, two consecutive days, recurring location for [ x ] # of days over [ x ] # of months) and times (e.g. 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)
  • State the proposed parking locations of the production unit, including street name, side of street, parameters etc.
  • Include the date(s) and times that coning and/or production vehicles will arrive at the location, as well as wrap date and time
  • Propose alternate parking arrangements for any parking permit holders who may be displaced by the production. It is up to the film company to find suitable alternative parking for residents.
  • Detail any street dressing, gunfire or special effects
  • Include the general contact information for the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office:; 416-338-FILM (3456). Do not include contact information for individual staff of  the Toronto Film, Television and Digital Office.
  • Include a link to the Filming Guidelines and the Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew.
  • Include the following statement: To obtain further information regarding the guidelines for filming refer to the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office website


Requesting Exemptions

In response to COVID-19, the film office fast-tracked its planned pilot process to revise the filming exemption approval/objection solicitation process to limit the physical interactions between film crews and residents. As a result, film productions will no longer canvas door-to-door, but instead notify the impacted residents about requests for activity in their neighborhood that are in excess of the street usage and/or time restrictions in the Filming Guidelines.

This pilot process was originally designed to address resident concerns about film productions canvasing door-to-door at odd hours, misinformation, and confidentiality. Now, Have Your Say (HYS) letters (templates below) are delivered to impacted residents, as determined by the film office. The process is confidential and equitable, and allows residents to voice concerns, ask questions, or request accommodations. It ensures citizens are basing their responses on accurate information, and is the sole means used to determine if guideline exemptions can be issued. If you choose to object to the requested film guideline exemption(s), please contact

Have Your Say Template

Have Your Say Reoccuring Letter Template

This pilot process will continue to run until December 31, 2024. The Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office will then collate the collected data, review film industry feedback, and review resident and stakeholder input on the pilot. Processes will be revised accordingly based on that data and best-practices recommended through our client and community consultation.

Timeline Examples for Requesting Exemptions
Arrival Date (Filming/Coning) HYS Letter Distributed Date Objection Period End Date
Monday Tuesday prior to film date Friday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Tuesday Wednesday prior to film date Monday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Wednesday Thursday prior to film date Tuesday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Thursday Friday prior to film date Wednesday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Friday Monday prior to film date Thursday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Saturday Tuesday prior to film date Friday 10 a.m. prior to film date
Sunday Tuesday prior to film date Friday 10 a.m. prior to film date

Notes on Timelines

  • Timelines above reflect the minimum amount of notice. Productions are able to adjust the above timelines to afford the neighborhood and production more time to plan. Please discuss dates with your film coordinator.
  • Please plan ahead. The dates and times above reflect the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office opening and closing hours and consultation with the neighborhood.
  • Any changes to the above timelines will require the approval of the Film Commissioner.