Creating a New State-of-the-art Exhibit for City Building

Become a partner with ReGenTO and help us to design and build a real-time city-wide architectural city model. With its prime location at Toronto City Hall and a dynamic online presence, our model  will offer an exceptional range of marketing benefits for you and your company. The ReGenTO initiative will utilize the latest technologies to create a real-time city-wide model and interactive multimedia display.

The “ReGenTO” initiative will create a unique space at City Hall where residents, tourists, politicians and stakeholders can:

  • Gather to look at the present and emerging form of the City
  • Imagine what the future might be
  • Discuss planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and development

Since it was first unveiled in 1998, our City of Toronto Architectural Model located in Toronto City Hall has attracted more than 500,000 visitors annually. This three-dimensional model of our city core has helped us see our city, test redevelopment options, consider growth and expansion patterns, and imagine the future. Without question, it has served us well. However, over the course of more than 15 years, the model has become out-of-date.

With your support, we will create a city model and interactive display that comes to life in the busy lobby of City Hall where it will be seen by thousands every day. It will be easily accessible to politicians, staff and the general public. Be a part of Toronto’s tomorrow by becoming involved in this exciting project.