The Ontario Public Health Standards mandate health units in the province to improve population health by tackling health inequities.

Toronto Public Health strategies to advance health equity:

Developing High Quality Programs and Services for a Diverse City

Our services are responsive, equitable and accessible to Toronto’s global community. We meet Toronto’s ever changing health needs through culturally competent programs, translated materials, language interpretation, partnerships with community agencies and continuous community engagement.

Prioritizing the Most Marginalized

While we emphasize the health of Toronto as a whole, we also focus on population groups that have the greatest health needs but the least resources.

Shining a Light on Critical Health Equity Issues

We undertake research, policy initiatives and advocacy to tackle health inequities in Toronto.

Making Health Everyone’s Business

We understand that most factors affecting health lie beyond the reach of the health sector alone and work to build inter-sectoral partnerships to improve Toronto’s health status.

Delivering Results for a Healthy and Inclusive City

We continuously measure our health equity achievements as well as uphold accountability and transparency for the people we serve.

Facilitating Equal Access for People with Disabilities

Accessibility for people with disabilities is an ongoing priority. We support the implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, aiming for full accessibility by 2025.

Building a Diverse Workforce

Diversity is our strength. We actively build a workforce that reflects the communities we serve and leverage the perspectives, experiences and community connections that a diverse workforce brings.

Enabling Staff Learning for Health Equity

We provide our staff with ongoing education to expand competency in equity-based practice for serving diverse communities with complex health needs.

Fostering a Harassment-Free Environment

We build a welcoming and respectful climate for clients and employees that is free of harassment and discrimination.