In 2007, the City of Toronto Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan outlined the City’s response to the challenge of climate change and poor air quality. It was designed to move the City from a framework for discussion to concrete action, calling for development of a new Green Fleet Plan.

In 2008, building on the outcomes of the City’s Green Fleet Transition Plan 2004-2007, the City of Toronto introduced the Green Fleet Plan 2008-2011 for the Centrally-Managed Fleet, and the Green Fleet Plan for TTC, Police, Fire and EMS 2008-2011. These plans addressed the most pressing issues at the time.

Recognizing the benefits that come from greater cooperation, and the need to be more strategic, the five major City of Toronto Fleets have come together to create the City of Toronto Consolidated Green Fleet Plan 2014-2018 that articulates the collective vision of the City Fleets. The five fleets working together under this Consolidated Plan are those managed by City of Toronto Fleet Services Division, Emergency Medical Services, Toronto Fire Services, Toronto Police Service, and Toronto Transit Commission.

The Consolidated Plan focuses on emissions from the operation of almost 10,000 on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment owned and operated by the City of Toronto. The Consolidated Plan objective and strategies provide the structure for ensuring that City Fleets’ efforts are sustained over next several years. This harmonized and balanced approach is designed to meet the long term economic and operational needs, and the environmental goals of City Fleets.