City Council has adopted a number of critical strategies and plans to address current challenges and create economic stability, social equity, environmental sustainability and a healthy city. The City considers these strategies when making decisions about service delivery and how to achieve long-term goals.

Vision, Plan or Strategy Description Division
Housing Opportunities Toronto: An Affordable Housing Action Plan 2010-2020 Housing Opportunities Toronto is a road map to steer the work and investment decisions of the City of Toronto as they relate to housing in partnership with federal and provincial governments, as well as the public and private housing sectors over this decade. Affordable Housing
Middle Childhood Strategy For a copy of this report, contact 416-392-3594 or email Children’s Services
City-Wide Real Estate Transformation A real estate service delivery model that will centralize real estate and facilities management activities across the City. Real Estate Services
Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres in Toronto Toronto Children’s Services, as the Consolidated Municipal Service Managers for the City of Toronto, will assume responsibility for the Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres system as part of its larger portfolio of early years system management Children’s Services, Toronto Public Health
Ravine Strategy With population growth, new development and climate change putting increased pressure on ravines, The Toronto Ravine Strategy will guide future ravine management, use, enhancement and protection. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Parkland Strategy A 20-year plan that will guide long-term planning for new parks and expansion and improved access to existing parks. It will aid in the decision-making and prioritization of investment in parkland across the city. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Strategic Forest Management Plan This plan identifies the efforts required to achieve a healthy, sustainable urban forest with the goal of providing 40 per cent canopy cover. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Transit in TO: Transit Expansion The City of Toronto, Toronto Transit Commission and Metrolinx are working together to bring more transit to communities across the city with connections to the entire Greater Toronto and Hamilton Region. Transportation Services
Congestion Management Plan Through innovation and technology maxamize the safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the transportation network for all users while reducing the impact on the environment. Transportation Services
Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, 2017-2021 The Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is a comprehensive five year action plan focused on reducing traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets. Transportation Services
Cycling Network Ten Year Plan, 2016-2025 The Cycling Network Plan will serve as a comprehensive road map and work plan, outlining the City’s planned investments in cycling infrastructure over ten years. Transportation Services
City Planning’s Strategic Plan, 2013-2018 City Planning’s Strategic Plan is the divisional playbook for advancing a city building agenda. With the Official Plan Vision as its foundation, five Strategic Directions are supported by key initiatives and a series of Actions that form a framework to guide priorities and activities. City Planning
TOcore: Planning Downtown TOcore is an initiative to prepare a new plan for Toronto’s Downtown. In addition, a series of five infrastructure-related strategies are being developed to implement the plan. These strategies cover community facilities, parks and public realm, mobility, energy and water. City Planning
Toronto Building Service Plan, 2017-2021 Toronto Building’s 2017 to 2021 Service Plan sets the direction of the division’s work for the next five years. The plan refreshes our mission and vision, identifies four priorities and sets out an action plan to advance these priorities. Toronto Building
Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan Parks, Forestry and Recreation is developing a 20-year Facilities Master Plan to guide investment in parks and recreation facilities such as community recreation centres, ice rinks, and sports fields. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 The Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2O2O is the City of Toronto’s action plan for ensuring that each of our 14O neighbourhoods can succeed and thrive. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Waterfront Renewal Strategy Toronto’s waterfront revitalization is one of Canada’s most exciting urban renewal projects. City Planning
Transform TO: Climate action for a healthy, equitable, prosperous Toronto TransformTO, Toronto’s new and ambitious climate action plan, identifies how we’ll reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve our health, grow our economy, and improve social equity. Environment & Energy
Toronto’s Future Weather and Climate Driver Study The Toronto’s Future Weather & Climate Driver Study aims to help understand what projections on future climate mean for the City of Toronto. Environment & Energy
Pollinator Protection Strategy The purpose of the strategy is to identify additional actions that can be taken by the City and the community to protect, enhance and create habitat for Toronto’s pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Environment & Energy
Long-Term Waste Strategy Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy Executive Summary outlines City Council approved recommendations on how to best manage the City’s waste over the next 30 to 50 years. Solid Waste Management Services
Resilient Toronto The Resilient City Working Group, established in 2013, facilitates collaboration between City Divisions, Agencies, Corporations and external stakeholders on the topic of climate change resilience. Members share knowledge and technical information to facilitate the implementation of resilience actions within their operations. Chief Resilience Office
Wet Weather Master Plan Toronto’s Wet Weather Flow Master Plan is a long-term plan to protect our environment and water quality in the Lake, rivers, streams and other water bodies from the rain and melted snow (stormwater). Toronto Water
Parks Plan, 2013-2017 In 2010, City Council approved the development of a City-wide Parks Plan based on seven guiding principles. The Parks Plan will guide the development, management and operation of the system of public parkland in the City of Toronto over a five-year period. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Strategic Forest Management Plan, 2012-2022 Toronto’s Strategic Forest Management Plan was approved by City Council on February 20, 2013. Toronto’s urban forest includes all the trees within the city’s boundaries that provide a wide range of environmental, ecological, social, cultural and economic benefits. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
George Street Revitalization Council-approved project, George Street Revitalization will see the reinvention of the northernmost block of George Street and transformation of Seaton House men’s shelter into a world-class facility providing specialized care for vulnerable populations. Shelter, Support & Housing
TO Prosperity: Poverty Reduction Strategy TO Prosperity sets a vision for our city, lays out objectives for our long-term fight against poverty, and proposes ways to act on it now. Social Development, Finance & Administration
A Healthy City for All, Strategic Plan 2015-2019 Toronto Public Health reduces health inequities and improves the health of the whole population Toronto Public Health
Housing Stability Service Planning Framework 2014-2019 Led by the Shelter, Support & Housing Administration, this framework is guiding the City and its partners in the planning, management and delivery of Shelter, Support & Housing Administration’s full range of housing and homelessness services 2014-2019. Shelter, Support & Housing Administration
Toronto Newcomer Strategy The Toronto Newcomer Strategy is designed to improve newcomer settlement through shared leadership, stronger collaboration and a more seamless and well-coordinated service system. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Toronto’s Licensed Child Care Growth Strategy for children under 4, 2017-2026 In anticipation of increased federal and provincial investments, Toronto’s licensed child care system is expected to grow. This report outlines the ideal vision for that growth in order to meet the needs of families with children 0-4, to make child care more affordable, and to ensure programs of high quality. Children’s Services
Toronto Youth Equity Strategy The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy was developed with contributions from Toronto youth. We have included creative content from youth throughout the report. These creative works are intended to help readers understand the experiences of Toronto youth most vulnerable to involvement in violence and crime. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Toronto Seniors Strategy: Towards an Age-Friendly City The City of Toronto embeds the values of respect, dignity, diversity, independence and equity for older residents in all its policies, programs and services. It is important to help Toronto remain a safe, navigable, affordable, accessible and enjoyable city for everyone. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Talent Blueprint The City’s first workforce plan – the Toronto Public Service People Plan 2008 – 2012, set five long-term goals focused on learning, safe and healthy workplace, attracting and retaining a skilled, high-performing and diverse workforce, having strong and effective leaders and building a positive workplace culture. Human Resources
Equity & Diversity Plan, 2015-2018 The City of Toronto is committed to living up to its motto, “Diversity Our Strength” in building an inclusive and welcoming City as a policy-maker, employer, service provider to its residents, and as a purchaser of goods and services. Equity Diversity & Human Rights
Children’s Services Service Plan 2015-2019 The Service Plan is an important tool that guides the planning and management of services for children and families in Toronto. Children’s Services
Recreation Service Plan In 2009, City Council approved the development of a city-wide, multi-year Recreation Service Plan based on four guiding principles – equitable access, quality, inclusion and capacity building. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Long-Term Financial Plan The City of Toronto is updating its Long-Term Financial Plan to ensure the City runs well, spends public money wisely and delivers the programs and services residents need and want over the long term. Corporate Finance
2018 City Budget The City budget determines how much money the City will raise and spend within a year. The budget process is explained here through presentations, briefing and budget notes as well as other communications material. Corporate Finance
Toronto’s Emergency Plan The Emergency Plan details the methods in which the City mobilizes its resources during a crisis and ensures all City organizations, emergency response services, and key agencies are fully aware of their respective roles and responsibilities during an emergency. Office of Emergency Management
Aboriginal Employment Strategy The City of Toronto commits to implementing employment practices that ensure that opportunities for employment are accessible to Aboriginal people and increases the number of Aboriginal employees at all occupational levels Equity, Diversity and Human Rights
Strategic Actions, 2013-2018 In 2012, the City Manager led the development of 26 new Strategic Actions for 2013-2018. They were affirmed by City Council and reflect how the City will advance Council’s vision, mission and goals for the next five years. City Manager’s Office
Parks & Trails Wayfinding Strategy This strategy aims produce a signage and information system that is consistent, accessible and predictable. It is an opportunity to reduce visual clutter in parks, and encourage the use and discovery of parks and ravines by residents and visitors. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Skateboard Strategy A strategy that incorporates policy, operating and capital plans to support skateboarding in Toronto. Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Tenants First The focus of Tenants First is to implement a plan in which Toronto Community Housing focuses on being a social housing landlord, where buildings are in a good state of repair, and tenants are connected to appropriate services and active participants in their communities. Social Development, Finance & Administration
End Trafficking TO Toronto City Council condemned the horrific crime of human trafficking and is committed to working with all stakeholders, including other orders of government, to eradicate human trafficking in Toronto. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Official Plan The Official Plan is intended to ensure that the City of Toronto evolves, improves and realizes its full potential in areas such as transit, land use development, and the environment. The most recent official plan consolidation of policies is in effect as of June 2015. City Planning
Master Fire Plan The Toronto Fire Services’ (TFS) 2015-2019 Master Fire Plan supports the Division’s ongoing efforts to increase fire safety and fire prevention through education and prevention mechanisms and to provide high quality, efficient, and effective emergency response such that life safety outcomes are improved for all residents across the City of Toronto. Toronto Fire Services
Automated Vehicles The City’s Transportation Services Division is currently implementing its Three Year Automated Vehicles Work Plan which will direct the City’s staff to further investigate the role automated vehicles will play within the transportation system. Transportation Services
Consolidated Green Fleet Plan, 2014-2018 The City’s objectives in addressing environmental impact with strategies that aim to reduce hazardous emissions from the City’s vehicle and equipment fleet operations. Fleet Services
Youth Engagement Strategy A plan made for youth by youth. At the core of the process was the Youth Research Team, a talented and diverse group of ten Torontonians aged 18-29 who are passionate about city building. City Planning
Long-Term Care Homes & Services 2016-2020 Service Plan Provides a framework to guide budget and resource allocations over the next five years to support how the City will provide, improve and prioritize long-term care services to a diverse, aging population with complex care and social needs. Long-Term Care Homes & Services
Access to City Services for Undocumented Torontonians The City is committed to ensuring that Torontonians, regardless of immigration status, have access to City services without fear of being asked for proof of status. Social Development, Finance & Administration
Toronto Indigenous Health Strategy This strategy informs the ways in which Toronto Public Health and the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network work toward improving Indigenous health outcomes in the city. Toronto Public Health