Feedback About City Services

Learn how to submit a complaint, comment or compliment about a service, program or staff member, to the division or an office responsible for a City service.

Complaints Review by the Ombudsman

If you have followed the complaint process and are not satisfied with the result of the investigation, learn about how to request a review by the Ombudsman Toronto, an independent and impartial office.

Complain About a Privacy Issue

If you believe that the City has breached your privacy, you may send a letter of complaint or email with details about the incident to Corporate Information Management Services.

Make a Claim Against the City

If you believe the City was negligent in maintenance of City facilities, roads, trees and sewers, which caused bodily injury or damage to your property, you can file a claim via the Corporate Finance Division.

Report Fraud, Wrongdoing or Waste

If you observed potential fraud, waste or wrongdoing involving City resources you can contact the Fraud and Waste Hotline Program under the Auditor General's Office.

Submit a Human Rights, Harassment or Accommodation Concern

Contact the City's Human Rights Office regarding a human rights, harassment, or accommodation concern related to City of Toronto employment, service, facility, housing or contracts.

Complain About a City Adjudicative Board or Tribunal

Answer a few short questions to help determine how best to make a compliant about your experience with a City of Toronto Adjudicative Board or Tribunal.

Complain About an Elected Official or Board Appointee

If you wish to complain about the conduct or ethical behaviour of any Members of City Council or Members of Local Boards (including Adjudicative Boards) you can contact the Integrity Commissioner.

Complain About Lobbying Activities

If you suspect a lobbyist has breached the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct in trying to influence elected officials or City staff you can contact the Lobbyist Registrar.

Apply for a Compliance Audit

Eligible electors can apply for a compliance audit of a candidate or registered third party advertiser's election campaign finances.

Complaints About Accessibility & Disability Access

Submit accessibility feedback related to disability on any City program, service, building, outdoor public space or information and communication.