Election Period Restriction: Beginning August 6, 2018, no new complaints (whether formal or informal) can be filed about a member of City Council running for re-election (see section 1(6) of Part B of the Complaint Protocol). This restriction will end on December 1, 2018.

Members of City Council and Local Boards are required to follow the Codes of Conduct that establishes acceptable behaviour and practices of city officials. If you wish to complain about the conduct or ethical behaviour of any Members of City Council or Members of Local Boards (including Adjudicative Boards) you can contact the Integrity Commissioner. The Integrity Commissioner is a neutral, independent officer appointed by City Council for a fixed, non-renewable five-year term to encourage and oversee compliance with high standards of conduct expected of elected and appointed officials at the City of Toronto.

The complaint procedures are divided into two methods: informal and formal. These are summarized below.

Complainants may choose to use the informal procedure found in the Complaint Protocol for complaints against Members of Council.

This procedure involves:

  • advising the Member of Council or Board member that the behaviour or activity contravenes the Code of Conduct
  • encouraging the Member of Council or Board member to stop the behaviour or activity
  • keeping a written record of the incident
  • confirming satisfaction of dissatisfaction with the Member’s response

The Integrity Commissioner can assist with the informal process if both the parties consent.

Formal complaints may be initiated by City Council or by a Local Board (restricted definition) or by an Adjudicative Board.

Individuals who wish to make formal complaints must do so by submitting a complaint and a sworn affidavit to the City Clerk’s office. The affidavit may be sworn at the Registry Office located on the main floor of City Hall at 100 Queen Street West.

Complaints need to set out the basis for the complaint and some personal information. The information collected is required to be kept confidential during the course of an investigation under section 161 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006. This is subject to whatever information the Integrity Commissioner needs to include in a report to Council on an investigation, under section 162(2) of the City of Toronto Act, 2006.