The City has an obligation to provide services that meet a reasonable standard of care. There will be an investigation by the City’s adjusters to determine if the City is responsible for your loss. The adjuster will gather information from you and the appropriate City division to assess whether the City would be found legally responsible for your claim.

If it is determined that the City failed to use reasonable care which resulted in your property damage or injury, the City’s adjuster will contact you in an effort to resolve the claim.

If the City’s services were delivered with a reasonable standard of care, the City would have a defense to the claim and your claim will be denied.

Claims involving bodily injury could take longer than property damage claims depending on the seriousness of the injury and whether medical information is required to support your loss.

Please note by reporting issues and complaints to 311 you are not submitting a claim to the City of Toronto.

You are encouraged to submit your claim as soon as possible using the Claim Submission Web Form.

For more about the claims process in general, please visit Make a Claim Against the City.

If Your Claim is Denied

If records show that service levels and a reasonable standard of care were met, your claim will be denied. The City’s adjuster will outline the results of their investigation in a letter and provide you with the division’s report that justifies the City’s denial.

If you still wish to pursue your claim after being denied compensation, your next option is to proceed with legal action.