Toronto Lobbyist Registrar

These procedures describe the way in which the Toronto Lobbyist Registrar will receive, respond to and resolve complaints by members of the public about the services provided. The Toronto Lobbyist Registrar is committed to receiving and responding to complaints in a manner that is: Accessible, Transparent, Accountable and Confidential.

These are the ways to begin the inquiry process:

  • Fill in the LOB-complaint-form and mail, email or fax it to us.
    Fill out a LOB-complaint-form-representative-consent if you have a representative.
  • Call us at 416-338-5858, TTY 1-800-855-0511 for help completing the complaint form or you can come to our office at 375 University Avenue, Suite 201.
  • Send email to:
  • Send faxes to: 416-338-5859
  • Send mail to: Toronto Lobbyist Registrar, Inquiries and Investigations Counsel, 375 University Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, ON M5G 2J5
Complaints Not complaints
A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction.
It may be about one or more of the following:

  • Policy, process or procedures
  • Staff
  • Access to service
  • Timeliness of service
  • Outcome
  • Quality of service
  • Standard of service
A complaint is not:

  • A request for information or service
  • Feedback
  • An enquiry
  • A compliment
  • A suggestion
  • A request for review or reconsideration
  • You will receive a response from us within three (3) business days, acknowledging receipt of your complaint and giving you a complaint number.
  • We will contact you to discuss how we can best resolve your complaint.
  • If we cannot help you with your complaint, we will try to refer you to someone who can help you.
  • We will assess your complaint to identify the appropriate action to be taken.
  • We will provide target timeframes for resolution and report to you on the progress of your complaint.
  • We will treat your complaint as confidential.  We may need to disclose your complaint in the following circumstances:
    • We may be required by law to disclose the complaint.
    • If the complaint discloses reasonable grounds to believe that a criminal offence or breach of another Act has occurred, we must refer the complaint to the appropriate authorities.
    • In order, as a matter of fairness, to permit the person against whom the complaint is made, to respond.
  • The complaint is conducted confidentially, as a result you will not be informed of the outcome of your complaint.