The City Manager is the most senior official in the City’s administrative structure and is accountable to City Council for the policies and programs delivered by members of the Toronto Public Service.

The City Manager is appointed by Toronto City Council. Effective August 20, 2022, the interim City Manager is Tracey Cook.

About the City Manager's Office

Learn about the City Manager's Office, which advises Council and City administration on city-wide issues, co-ordinating work and evaluating how well the City provides services.

Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan is guided by City Council’s vision, Toronto’s motto and the Toronto Public Service’s mission. It identifies our organization’s strategic areas of focus and is grounded in our commitment to our people, partnerships, and performance.

SuccessTO: 2018-2022 Toronto Public Service Achievements

Learn more about the collective accomplishments of the Toronto Public Service during the 2018-2022 Council term and the progress made toward the priorities in the City's Corporate Strategic Plan.


RecoveryTO is a snapshot of the City's recovery and rebuild '6 for the 6ix' themes of COVID-19 Recovery-related City decisions, reports, data, dashboards, and media announcements

Agencies & Corporations

Learn about the missions, service overviews and budgets of the agencies and corporations who deliver City services.

Intergovernmental Affairs

Discover how the City collaborates with government partners and key stakeholders to support Council directions and advance the City's interests.

Policy Excellence at the City of Toronto

Policy development is an important part of the work of the City in almost every Division. The City is committed to Policy Excellence in all of this work.