The Skateboard Strategy provides tools and recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan for guiding future investment in skateboarding infrastructure.

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The Skateboard Strategy provides recommendations in three core areas.

Skatepark Planning

  • guide capital planning, design and construction of skateparks
  • assess the need for indoor skateboard facilities
  • explore ways to use existing facilities for skateboarding
  • consider upgrading amenities for skateparks during park state-of-good-repair audits


  • develop a program model for City-run skateboarding programs
  • work with the Toronto Skateboarding Committee to support youth in civic and community engagement and leadership
  • work with partners to integrate street art into existing and new skateparks using a youth engagement approach

Promotion & Marketing

  • use social media and other channels to increase visibility of skateboard parks and programming
  • create partnerships to explore opportunities for skateboard events
  • promote Toronto as a skateboarding destination
  • explore a pilot project to allow permitting of a limited number of skateparks